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Bow Hair

Horse tail hair at the length of 24" up is mainly used as strings of musical instruments. We supply bow hair in the color of natural white, black and mixed.

Color: White, black, mixed
Specification and Measurement: inch

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Horse Mane And Tail hair

Horse Tail Hair: Double drawn in the color of white, black, gray, brown and mixed; single drawn in the color of white, black, gray, brown and mixed; refined horse tail hair.
Specification and measurement(inch):
4"-5" , 6"-8", 9"-12", 13"-15", 16"-17", 18"-21", 22"-26", 27", 28"-33", 34"-36", 36"up.

Horse Mane Hair: Single drawn horse mane hair in the color of white, black, gray, mixed and brown.......

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Animal Fine Hair

We strictly abide by the export standard at processing. Animal fine hair we process enjoys following technical index: clean washing, clear natural color, good brightness, smooth touch, flat tips, carefully processed, beautiful appearance, well packed, high purity, firmly dressed, etc.....

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Hair Brush

Hebei Anping Rising Star Hair Brush Co.,Ltd. designs, produces and exports complete range of cosmetic brushes with fine quality animal hair materials. Major hair brushes include:kabuki brush,Powder Brush, Brush Set, Powder Brush, Blusher Brush, Lip Brush, Eyebrow Brush and other kinds of hair brushes.
We also offer material for make up cosmetic brushes:handle,tube,animal hair,package for brushes and so on.

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Horse Hair Fabrics

We offer two kinds of horse tail hair fabric used as lining cloth: one is horse tail hair lining cloth, the other is cotton covered horse tail hair lining cloth.

Cotton Covered Horse Tail Hair Yarn Lining Cloth is made of pure cotton yarn as warp and cotton covered horse tail hair yarn as weft. It enjoys following features: bigger width, thicker, wild style, strong spring, etc......

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Plastic Brush Wire


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Horsetail Whisk


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Mesh Scraper Mat

Wire mesh scraper mat for shoes enjoys nice appearance, it is durable and economic cost. Wire mesh scraper mat produced by Rising Star is used in offices, train station, wharf, hotels and residencial houses.

Shoe Scraper Wire Mesh Mat series:animal hair scraper mat,stainless steel scraper wire mesh mat, super-thin scraper wire mesh mat, galvanized steel scraper wire mesh mat, colored scraper wire mesh mat.......

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